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The Love Code


Are you ready to call in a fulfilling, everlasting love that you have always dreamed of?

 This is for the single woman looking to step into her authentic self to attract wild & unconditional love.

This program is for you if: 

  • You are fed up of going on dates that leave you feeling frustrated 
  • Dating feels like a chore with little to no reward
  • You are done with “situationships” that fizzle out by date 3 or 4.
  • You never thought you’d feel this alone, disappointed or frustrated at your age
  • There is a part of you that just KNOWS relationships aren’t exhausting & painful 
  • You are ready to do the deep self healing work to let go of unconscious patterns stopping you from receiving true love

What if instead of the pain of rejection, desperation, and loneliness you experienced something completely different? 

Just imagine for a second…

  • You are completely desirable and magnetic to high quality people without trying hard to get their attention
  • You are adored and ravished by a strong, commitment-minded person that steps up to start a life with you
  • You now know the secret to connecting with that person's heart so deeply and profoundly that you would never wallow in self doubt again
  • You build intense attraction with people on all levels, emotionally, intellectually and physically


  • Being an energetic match for your soulmate
  • Creating a soul-fulfilling partnership after years of being single and/or divorced
  • Building the life you’ve always dreamt of with a quality commitment-minded partner 

Are you ready to make this your reality? 

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The Love Code

Your Energetic Blueprint to Attracting the Soulmate Love You Deserve

The Love Code is a 70 day container that is designed to completely revamp your love life. Going from single, frustrated and lonely to happily loved up, fulfilled and building the life you deserve with your soulmate love.

This is the blueprint for that high-achieving successful single woman who is simply fed up of not getting anywhere with their dating life. 

You have done/ started to do the work on yourself, you prioritize your personal development but keep running into walls when it comes to love and relationships.

When you join the Love Code, you will be catapulted into a supportive community of other like-minded women looking to meet their person. 

You’ll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to call in your soulmate (harnessing unconditional love, tapping into your magnetic feminine energy, attracting high quality partners in abundance) through our detailed and highly specific curriculum.

You will get weekly breakthrough calls with your coaches as well as new assignments and by the end (or DURING) the course you will have undergone a transformation ready to attract your dream person. 

In fact, we are so sure of this that at the end of the 3 months, you will have the option to attend a singles mixer where only high quality commitment minded people are attending (regardless of sexuality which we absolutely take into account).

As you can see, this is NOT your average online course, we are determined to see you thrive. 

As a result, part of this container is an IN-PERSON weekend in Los Angeles, where you can experience deep healing of old patterns and wounds through intimate and immersive coaching, breath-work, reiki, and much more.


What do the next 3 months look like for me?

We begin February 19th for 70 days of:

  • Weekly 75-90 minute breakthrough coaching sessions via Zoom
  • A weekend retreat of in-person deep healing multiple sessions including breath-work, reiki, and community coaching in Los Angeles (exact weekend TBD to make sure everyone can attend)
  • Weekly assignments and check-ins 
  • Life long access to all session recordings and assignments 
  • Unlimited texting support in our group containers



We Also Offer

  • Eligible Mates Mixer hosted at the end of the program. Here you will meet ONLY eligible bachelors & bachelorettes that are suited to your specific requirements taken in at the beginning. This will be hosted in Los Angeles, on a date that works for everyone $250
  • 1:1 coaching with both your coaches; Jessica & Marialuisa -  $500
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Who are my Coaches?


Jessica Esfandiary

Jessica is a certified integrative coach, intuitive healer and facilitator.  Through curating brave spaces like her Goddess Retreats, Coaching Programs and Sound Meditation Ceremonies, Jessica guides women to awaken their own inner healer and slide into the driver's seat of their own transformation. 

She believes her greatest work is guiding women to align with their highest selves, heal the trauma that holds them back and find their sisterhood.  It’s through this work that she realized her clients' relationships were blossoming both with intimate partners and more importantly themselves.

Jessica wants to inspire people to create designer relationships filled with truth, vulnerability, intimacy and play.  She knows your sacred feminine energy is pure magic when flowing freely.  Your power is in BEING and RECEIVING.  Let's awaken the woman inside of you who is ready for freedom, bliss and partnership!

Jessica's Love Story 

I come from the shapeshifter archetype. The woman who had such little conviction in who she was, she became whoever anyone else needed her to be.  That includes all my former boyfriends.  

After the last relationship from my 20s ended with being cheated on, yet again, I decided to take off the blinders and look at just how I was responsible for all that constantly went sideways in my intimate partnerships.

I noticed I was people pleasing, and hardly spent any time alone, because it was scary.  I stopped the serial monogamy relationship escalator once and for all and decided I would get to know MYSELF and who I was and what I wanted, maybe for the first time ever.  To the point that I met my now husband in that time and decided to hold even him at bay so I could focus on me and honor myself in this way.

Trust me, what’s meant for YOU will not miss you.  

I took all the time I needed to get to know myself and show up for myself.  I paid attention to me and loved myself.  Then I made a list of the kind of partner I wanted, and exactly what I wanted to feel in that partnership.  Who I wanted to be when I was with this man.

Through this work, I became the ONE. And Pasha, waiting patiently in the wings, without me knowing reemerged in my life as this man.  It was scary how much he went from being someone I had dated before to the most crystal clear aligned partner for me.

I knew this was it because I loved who I was when I was with him, and he constantly encourages me to grow into myself more and more.

10 years later I am happier than the day we got married and looking forward to a lifetime of partnership with the most divinely masculine, successful, generous, compassionate, smart and sexy man I’ve ever met.

Marialuisa Ferro

I am a trained intuitive & compassionate Transformational Life Coach with a no BS approach.

I work with women, who are feeling stuck in their love life and are wanting to call in their real life changing soulmate romance.

Why do I do this? Because I am OBSESSED with women stepping into their power. Whether that’s in careers or love, we are all so DEEPLY worthy of experiencing the unconditional love that we deserve.

I trained in Transformational Life Coaching at one of the most prestigious coaching schools, Animas Centre for Coaching in London. There, I learned so many incredibly powerful tools and techniques that are geared to enact deep and everlasting change to catapult your potential. After this, I started working with clients and found my superpower as a coach: supporting women on their journey to achieving authentic unshakeable confidence. In their relationships, dating life or careers I am able to help women get to a point where they truly believe, feel they deserve and go after the life their soul wants.

I am also a certified Reiki healer and help women move through energetic shifts in order to propel them into a state of healing old wounds and patterns - a must in attracting your dream relationship.

MariaLuisa's Love Story

I come from the wildly independent archetype. Men are there for pleasure. Women for emotional support. In essence, “I don’t need a man and if I do, it is for short term gains only.”

I can hand on my heart say I was 100% lying to myself. 

And whilst I had fun in my 20s exploring, towards the end of my 20s, I yearned for that fulfilling love. That everlasting committed love. 

I would never admit it though, not even to myself. 

I hardly admitted it to my husband. Yup, somehow I got married. I moved across the world to be with him, marry him and start a life with him (completely independent my ass, who was I kidding?). Myself and only myself apparently… 

…as that fell apart. 

I thought I was so in control, so mature, so great at communication and that the fault was all on him to just “fix up”. 

I couldn’t have been further from the truth. I needed to look at my OWN shadows, my OWN trauma, my OWN wounds in order to get TRULY vulnerable. 

So the universe gave me a gift of a painful breakup and it catapulted me into working on it. 

It was not easy, but oh my god was it worth it!

Now, through all my growth, continued daily practices, I have called in the man who is my soulmate. 

Literally - in June I wrote down my dream man, every single detail and as a magnet, he appeared in my life in July. DOWN. TO. THE. T. 

He is so divinely masucline, emotionally available, a protector, a provider, kind, compassionate and calls me out on my bullshit. 

I called this in because I accessed my divine feminine, ability to receive that love, get vulnerable and move through emotions instead of suppressing them. 

Trust me, if this avoidant, “I don’t need a man” woman can do it, so can you!

Callie Bello

 Jessica’s IYL program was an absolute game-changer.  I went into the program on the edge of burnout at work and fresh out of a break-up.  I was exhausted mentally and emotionally.  Throughout the course of the 10-week program, I learned how to create better boundaries both personally and professionally, create long-lasting habits and space in my life for other things that are incredibly important to me, and emerge with a better understanding of myself.  Jessica points you to your own magic and helps you harness and trust the power of it.  I would take this course over, and over, and over again.

Ashley Mullenbach

Organized, supportive, authentic, and life-changing!  Jessica is an inspiration and a vessel of love, light, inspiration, and guidance!  Her course helped me realize and overcome so many limiting thoughts and beliefs and it gave me the power, tools, resources, and belief in myself that I really can live the life of my dreams!  I even achieved (and surpassed) a major goal that I was even scared to say at the beginning of the course! The course is supportive and provides a community of strong, fierce women dedicated to bettering their own lives and the lives of others!  Jessica’s course provided me with everything I need to become the best version of myself; knowledge, tools, and connection that I am equipped with for the rest of my life!

Morgan Putnam

“Coaching with Marialuisa has given me the skills and knowledge to develop authentic, loving and healthy relationships with myself and others.

Not long after my working with Marialuisa, I met my soulmate. I believe coaching helped my confidence, happiness and has given me a greater awareness of what I deserve and what a meaningful relationship looks like and can be!”