"I always leave a session with Jessica feeling heart opened,
clear and connected to the divine.
- Rasha Pensanti


Guided Sound Sutra

The Guided Sound Sutra is for those who are ready to explore their mind on a deeper level.  People often join us when they want to do some inner work, gain clarity around next steps in life, or just drop in for the most luxurious and nurturing night of self-care.  Guided entirely by live music, Jess weaves a journey, tailored to the intentions of each person in the cirlce.  Participants describe these ceremonies as profound and transformational, often reporting ego death, bliss, and oneness. 

What To Expect:

While these experiences are facilitated in a group setting, you are mostly journeying in your own space with an eye mask.  We begin with a heart-opening cacao blessing, yoga, breathwork and move into a five-hour-long live sound meditation, complete with reiki energy balancing for each participant.  To close the experience, we will finish with a grounding meal and integration circle.  Expect to be with us for seven to eight hours.  Included in your journey are an orientation call with your facilitator as well as a follow-up integration check-in.  We ensure you are supported every step of the way.

Sound Sutra


for an 8 hour session

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Want to host your own event?

Jess loves to curate personalized experiences!  Together you can tailor your experience from a 1-day Sound Sutra to a multiple-day wellness retreat.  With these unique offerings, your vision and intention come together with Jessica's 7 years of retreat experience to deliver a complete mind, body, and spiritual awakening for everyone involved. Reach out to [email protected]








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Meet Your Facilitator

Jessica Esfandiary


Jessica has been a lover of music since she was a child, singing and dancing in musical theater.  Having worked in the nightlife industry for many years, she knew she wasn't living her purpose, yet didn't exactly know how to make a change.  Luckily the universe made one for her.  Jessica went through a major spiritual awakening after being diagnosed with cancer in 2013.  After life-saving surgery, she felt deeply called to live her life exactly as she wanted, not what she thought she "was supposed to" do.  That meant helping others heal from their own trauma and live in alignment with their purpose.

Jess spent the next few years traveling the world, learning from master teachers.  She became a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and a true highlight was learning to use traditional Tibetan Sound Bowls after spending a month in Nepal.  
She has been facilitating these sound meditations now for over 3 years, serving over 1000s of people with this medicine.  It's truly an honor to curate spaces and witness people "put down what they've been carrying" and awaken to their own inner healer.
Lauren Urbiztondo

Lauren is a gifted healer that loves interweaving her two favorite modalities… sound and touch. 

Lauren had her first life changing sound meditation in 2019 Bali at the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud. When she came home from that amazing trip she started her sound journey as a tool to experience her own inner healing. The more she realized how it was working on her the more she wanted to share it with others. Lauren completed an intensive training with the talented David Shemesh and Alexandre Tannous at the beginning of 2021. Thanks to their facilitator training program, she was able to deepen her experience and expertise in guiding sound meditations. 

Lauren’s work as a facilitator is truly special because she will connect with you through sound and also with her healing touch, as each participant will receive her intuitive bodywork during the height of the meditation. If you allow yourself to drop into your body and follow the sound, you can go on a deep, multi-dimensional journey. Sharing all of her gifts in one space truly lights her up and she looks forward to going on this journey with you!

Emma Laurion

An experience of pure magic is what each interaction with Jessica entails. From sound healing to reiki sessions, inner goddess retreats, and nonprofit programming, Jessica holds the power to create and embodies a true manifester who empowers you up into that state as well.

Rasha Pensanti

Jessica is a true healer and has an incredible gift. It’s as if she sprinkles a bit of magic into all of her work. I have received reiki healings from jessica, and have attended many ceremonial events including woman’s circles, sound baths and breath work evenings. Every experience for me has been powerfully healing. She is always guiding us in setting intentions for what we want and releasing what we are ready to let go of. And I love how she is artist when it comes to creating a safe and healing space, infused with sound, essential oils, crystals, candles and smudging. I always leave a session with Jessica feeling heart opened, clear and connected to the divine.

Ethan Wells

I wasn't sure what to expect going into the sound healing and reiki session with Jessica, but wow was I blown away. The session gave me a level of inner stillness that I've rarely experienced and an increased clarity that's still present days later. I feel as aligned and clear on my values as ever.

Jessica is an incredibly warm and genuine person that makes you feel right at home. Highly recommend.