A Retreat by Jessica Esfandiary & Lauren Urbiztondo 

Begins April 15th - 19th, 2022

It is time to Unleash the Inner Goddess within you. Are you ready?

I'm Ready!

This is for the woman ready to step into her wild, intimate, gentle, divine self and find healing from the generational trauma related to universal femininity. 

This program is for you if: 

  • You are ready to tap into a sacred energy of femininity  
  • Your healing feels in a standstill and you need a push
  • You are ready to shed layers of pain and trauma
  • Connecting with the feminine within has never come easy to you
  • Finding connection with other women has felt difficult for you, and you’re ready to create intimate feminine bonds
  • You’re not even sure how to define divine femininity 
  • You are ready to do the deep self healing work to find empowerment and joy in your life

What if instead of going with the flow of the patriarchal structures impressed on us for generations, you stepped out?

Just imagine for a second….

  • You are confident in yourself and what you offer.
  • You understand the balance of femininity and masculinity within you.
  • You have learned to cherish the healing modalities you have learned and are confident sharing them with others.
  • You are able to build intimate relationships with those around you as you’ve learned to trust others and yourself.

Which leads to you...

  • Empowering others with your confidence, wisdom, and grace!
  • Creating the life you want as you call in the experiences, dreams, and people you desire.
  • Being an unstoppable force expressing yourself and your femininity as you choose.


Are you ready to step into this reality?

Yes, I'm ready!

The Unleash Your Inner Goddess Retreat

A space for life-changing healing and empowerment work

The Unleash Your Inner Goddess Retreat is a 5 day, 4 night container designed to support you in to access the parts of yourself that allow you to truly be seen and shine. 

This is a space for the woman who is ready to release personal, generational, and conditioned trauma to step into her highest self.

When you first step into the Unleash Your Inner Goddess Retreat, you will be welcomed into a sisterhood of women ready to support you in your healing journey.

Together, you will move through heart opening exercises, providing the space for you to open up to and share your inner needs, and to hold space for other sisters to be seen as well. 

You will learn how to define what “femininity” means to YOU, giving power to that sacred energy dwelling within you. And you will be given the opportunity to express this boldly in front of the camera.

You will experience powerful meditations, learning the techniques that connect you deeply with your body to experience love and gratitude for the beautiful vessel that has taken you through your journey of life.

Dynamic sound meditation ceremonies will give you the space to quiet the mind and allow yourself to surrender into your body and heart. Along with your sisters, you will receive love and acceptance as you journey through your inner healing work.

You will become part of the lifelong sisterhood, committed to supporting and empowering one another as our journeys continue. And you will be welcomed to join the Goddess Collective, as an opportunity to reopen the Unleash Your Inner Goddess container and continue the divine healing work experienced there.

Let's Go!

What does the week look like?

We begin Friday, April 15 at 2 PM and say our goodbyes Tuesday, April 19 at 11 AM:

  • Welcome party 
  • Private Chef
  • Yoga, meditation, breath-work, sound healing
  • Nature walks / Day hike
  • Deep energy healing work
  • Discovering and honoring your truth
  • Creating intimate connection with other sisters
  • Massive breakthroughs around your limiting beliefs
  • Photoshoot where you’ll unleash the goddess inside of YOU
  • Intimate ceremony, embodying all of the healing work at the end of the retreat


I Would Like a Payment Plan

Pay in full


for a 5 day retreat


I would like a payment plan


for 3 months for a 5 day retreat


I would like a payment plan


for 6 months for a 5 day retreat