"An  absolute  game-changer."

-  Callie Bello

Illuminate Your Life

Are you ready to awaken the intricate magic of your own inner healer?

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Ready to Breakthrough what holds you back?

This is a 10-week coaching program for women who are ready to shift the way they operate; women who are ready to receive!  It includes identifying daily rituals that support your overall wellbeing, EQ exercises, deeper emotional healing techniques,  bonding with other women, being seen and witnessing others in theirs, and accountability for your goals.

Illuminate Your Life will unfold through weekly 90-minute group breakthrough sessions with Jessica.  You will also meet one-on-one each week with another woman from the program and have weekly check-ins and growth labs on your own time to actually make these practices part of your LIFE!


I'm so glad you've landed here...

  • Have you felt stuck in your personal development?
  • Your dreams are so big you need help identifying the first steps?
  • Haven’t yet learned the intricacies of who you are and what you have to offer?
  • Have you felt like you’re caught in a standstill, unable to make decisions for yourself?
  • Or know that you are ready to take your inner healing to the next level?
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Here’s what’s possible for you…

  • Calling in your goals by implementing the tools you’ve learned

  • Implementing daily rituals that support you in manifesting your dream life

  • Setting goals with intention and confidence

  • Finding emotional freedom through the IS-SO technique

  • Empowering others with your confidence

  • Learning the power of receiving all the gifts and magic that are waiting for you!

  • Creating the life you want as you call in the experiences, career, people you desire from a place of abundance and the certainty that you deserve it all!


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Illuminate Your Life


An experience through which you learn to find, harness and express your own inner magic. 

Illuminate Your Life is a 10 Week container designed to provide tools, coaching, and accountability needed to make your dreams a reality.

 This is a space for the woman who is ready to bring radical transformation to her life, stepping into the reality she desires.

This is for the woman who is tired of the hustle and grind culture being the only way to make her dreams a reality. 

When you initially step into the Illuminate Your Life container, you will find a space of love and support being held for you. You will be welcomed into a community of women embarking on their individual journeys. 

Together, you will learn the various tools and exercises I have curated for this program, and will be provided with the information so you can implement these as you continue on your journey of growth. 

Through 10 weeks of powerful group coaching, you will work through limiting beliefs, learn to define or shift your values, and align your life with your goals! The group coaching space will be an opportunity for you to show up for and support the growth of other women as they do for you! 

You will learn the IS-SO technique that I have created, a proven tool to build awareness, work on your behaviors, and coach yourself through any major block you have.

 You will experience powerful meditations, and various healing modalities so you can release any trauma that subconsciously holds you back.

You will develop your own sacred rituals that are your OWN.  These rituals will anchor you in your own magic daily so you can show up for yourself and put yourself first. 

You will receive the great tools and power of stillness, of being open to receiving, of manifestation in a way that actually works in your life.

You will become part of a community, a sisterhood committed to supporting and empowering one another as each of our journeys continue. 

What do the 10 weeks look like?


One 90-minute group breakthrough session with Jessica each week as well as one hour-long one-on-one call each week with your sister from the program.  You will also be given reflective assignments and journaling prompts each week and will want to put into practice the healing techniques you’re learning along the way to build your relationship with yourself on your own time.  I would plan 3 hours total for coursework weekly.  

Investment is $1600.  We offer payment plans if needed.


Are you ready to make a change?

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Are You Ready to Make a Change?

If you’re done with all the “hustle and grind” join us so you can achieve from a place of peace and alignment.

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Acknowledge how far you’ve come already and now take the steps towards unlocking your true potential, 

with me! Illuminate Your Life will guide you into creating deeper and more meaningful connections with yourself and with others, and will help you make your dreams a reality.  You will change your life through daily rituals, weekly healing tools you will learn for yourself and put massive action behind your goals with support and accountability from other women on the same path.  Forget hustle and grind culture, this experience is for those who are ready to thrive from a place of peace!

Are you ready to make a change in 2022? 

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Till Illuminate Your Life begins!

Meet Your Facilitator

Jessica is a certified integrative coach, intuitive healer, and facilitator.  Through curating brave spaces like her Goddess Retreats, Coaching Programs, and Sound Meditation Ceremonies, Jessica guides women to awaken their own inner healer and slide into the driver's seat of their own transformation. 

She believes her greatest work is guiding women to align with their highest selves, heal the trauma that holds them back and find their sisterhood. Your ability to heal multiplies when you are in community.  Being witnessed by others in your healing is one of the most powerful ways to receive and open yourself up to more abundance, grace, and ease in all areas of your life.

Jessica created Illuminate your Life for this very purpose.  It is a place for women to access their courage, look at what’s not working, and learn all the tools they need to break free from the cycles that keep them stuck.  She wanted to create a community of compassionate accountability, where we all can live in alignment with our highest selves, and reach even our dreamiest of goals! 

Callie Bello

 Jessica’s IYL program was an absolute game-changer.  I went into the program on the edge of burnout at work and fresh out of a break-up.  I was exhausted mentally and emotionally.  Throughout the course of the 10-week program, I learned how to create better boundaries both personally and professionally, create long-lasting habits and space in my life for other things that are incredibly important to me, and emerge with a better understanding of myself.  Jessica points you to your own magic and helps you harness and trust the power of it.  I would take this course over, and over, and over again.

Ashley Mullenbach

Organized, supportive, authentic, and life-changing!  Jessica is an inspiration and a vessel of love, light, inspiration, and guidance!  Her course helped me realize and overcome so many limiting thoughts and beliefs and it gave me the power, tools, resources, and belief in myself that I really can live the life of my dreams!  I even achieved (and surpassed) a major goal that I was even scared to say at the beginning of the course! The course is supportive and provides a community of strong, fierce women dedicated to bettering their own lives and the lives of others!  Jessica’s course provided me with everything I need to become the best version of myself; knowledge, tools, and connection that I am equipped with for the rest of my life!

Tabor Roach

I was able to participate in Jessica's Illuminate Your Life Course and It has forever changed my life!  With the long expansive knowledge she brings to the table, I was able to gain perspective on the habits that were holding me back, instill new rituals and become a better version of myself at a pace that was comfortable.  I was able to also understand and appreciate the power of having a circle of women to do the journey with.  It gave me accountability and made me fully aware, we are all in this together! I would10 out 10 recommend this program!