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Illuminate Your Life

Begins January 26th, 2022

What to Expect:

For this course plan for one 90-minute group breakthrough session with Jessica each week as well as one hour-long one-on-one call each week with your sister from the program.  You will also be given reflective assignments and journaling prompts each week and will want to put into practice the healing techniques you’re learning along the way to build your relationship with yourself on your own time.  I would plan 3 hours total for coursework weekly.  The total cost of the program is $1600.  We offer payment plans if needed.

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The Goddess Collective Mastermind

Begins January 12, 2022

What to Expect:

In this course, we'll be refreshing some tools you learned on your retreat, be introduced to new ones, and have accountability for your goals.  The course will be 12 weeks long. Bi-weekly collective group calls, off-week meetings with your sister, and an optional in-person gathering to celebrate at the end!

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The Love Code

Begins February 19th, 2022

What to Expect:

The Love Code is a 70 day container that is designed to completely revamp your love life. Going from single, frustrated and lonely to happily loved up, fulfilled and building the life you deserve with your soulmate love.

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