How I got here - by Jessica Esfandiary

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We all have stories - filled with our life's highlights and joy, pain and trauma, grand transformations and growth.  While so vastly different, our paths seem to overlap time and time again, opening up doorways for impact and support between us.  As my story goes, it has flowed and flowered, sometimes close to ending as a long winter can do to a flower, but as we know in nature, sometimes things must die or have parts break off to create fertile soil for rebirth.  As I blossom and become even more of who I am, I hope it's an invitation for you to do the same.  If that feels good for you, keep reading. 


With spirituality and witchery in the bloodline, one might expect that that same direction would have been my destiny from the start - yet I spent my young life unsure if it was.  I was intrigued by the great aunts on my mother's side, yet, I wouldn't let myself lean into any of the tarot, crystals, or other gifts they shared with me.  I was pulled into a much more masculine world.  Making money was my greatest concern, honestly.  In college, I even turned down a role in a musical (which was my dream back then) because it was too much time off of work. 


So, I worked in hospitality for over a decade in many well-known 5-star restaurants, nightclubs, and pool parties from Philadelphia to Vegas, and that life was pretty good to me.  BUT... Eventually, I found myself sick.  I think it was a combo of physically and emotionally toxic relationships with boyfriends, jobs, and even my own body; I was diagnosed with cancer at 28 years old and had a radical hysterectomy 11 days later.  

That time was a whirlwind, and honestly, a story for another blog post.  And like most survivors' stories go, it was a cause to change my life and chase my dreams.  So my husband and I decided to move to Los Angeles, so that I could pursue a career in film and television.  It didn't take me long to realize I wanted to work on Documentaries.  Docs educate and inspire social change, and I thought, "after all I've been through, I want my life to impact others positively."  I almost immediately found myself assisting Kelly Gores, the Director of the documentary HEAL.


The rest is pretty much history. Inspired by the great teachers, scientists, doctors, and thought leaders in that film, I quickly realized I was meant to help people on their healing journey.  It confirmed for me what I always felt, that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions directly affect our health and that for so many of us, our belief system was handed down to us from our parents and societal conditioning.  I knew I wanted to help people realize their own truth, which came from deep inside.


So, all the things I learned about from HEAL - yoga, Ayurveda, breathwork, meditation, the list goes on - I began to apply to my health. A holistic healing journey that I'll include in that future blog for 'ya. Then I began to study it all - traveling and training all over the globe to heal myself and know myself deeply.  I suppose you could call it an awakening.

This awakening led me to grasp the universal knowledge of energetics, and I created my unique flow facilitating for others.  These passions remembered in me had a place; the gifts that I realized I had from childhood that light me up, make a difference in other people's lives.  That's how The Journey with Jessica was born.  Watching people transform is like air to me.   That's how I know, without a doubt, that I'm living my purpose.


Seeing people break free of something they thought was a limitation is what makes my journey meaningful.  Witnessing women realize their true calling and have the courage to live it is My Why.  For me, what felt so right and what I loved doing just naturally became my career.  If I can do it, you can do it too!   



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