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cured nutrition sleep supplement Jun 23, 2022
sleep supplement reccomendation

My lovers, my listeners, I want to give you a life update and share some important things with you all. If you didn’t know my whereabouts, I am currently traveling through Europe for a month. I feel so lucky to be traveling this summer after taking a few years off, focusing on building my business, and Covid restrictions. I know not everyone is able to hit the road for some time off and have the opportunity to work remotely like this, so I try not to take it for granted. So far, this trip has been magical. I spent a week in Iceland with my best babes in the world (lots of au natural photoshoots in the most insane locations coming your way ;)). Then I met up with Pasha in Germany, where we had the most amazing time and had a little sexy fun late night at the Kit Kat Club in Berlin. And now, as I type this I’m on a plane headed to Ibiza, Spain to celebrate life and birthdays with so many of our chosen family.  


Pasha walking along the Berlin Wall


Needless to say, I’m in different time zones each week. What has been so interesting is that normally when I travel, spending my days sightseeing and partying at night like this in the past, I end up with a mix of jet lag and exhaustion. Leaving me feeling the need to pull away to take some time to relax and recover. Sometimes I’ll even get to a point where I am fatigued or sick on a trip because I’ve pushed myself too hard. However, none of that is happening this time around and there is most certainly a reason why (I’ll get to that soon). And trust me, kicking off the tour with Iceland was LIT (pun intended) with 24 hours of sunlight every day. Sleep was scarce and not high on our list of priorities because there was so much more we wanted to see and experience. 


Nacole and I kayaking a glacier lagoon for her birthday in Iceland


If you listen to my podcast or you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me mention something that has made a difference in my life, and that’s Cured Nutrition’s ZEN with reishi supplements. I shared this story on the show about three weeks ago. I started using it to help me sleep back in LA, and boy can I tell you, this stuff really works!  The thing is, I never had trouble sleeping my entire life until about two years ago. Something about getting into your thirties changes things. You learn that drinking isn’t really all that worth it, aches and pains are a part of life, and sleep is not as easy as you thought it was when you were twenty-five living that nightclub disco life, napping your way to get through your day.


When I turned 35, I could no longer bank on sleeping through the night like I used to. Waking up at 3am or 4am to toss and turn became the new normal. I moved down the path of taking melatonin, drinking nighttime teas, and consuming magnesium before bedtime with nothing really helping me for the better. I am not the type to get prescriptions for anything, so I’ve never gone that route. So, I just chalked it up to realizing that not getting proper rest was how it was supposed to be in your thirties. I tried to find the gift in this realization, believing that 4am was “witching hour”, so I could use that time to meditate. I accepted it for what it was, and thought “who knows what spiritual gifts could come from this?” Luckily thanks to Cured Nutrition’s Zen, this isn’t my future.


CURED Nutrition's Zen


One day, I heard my friend Kelli from Soulfire Productions rave about Cured Nutrition on her podcast “Ok, Babe” and I decided to give it a try. The first night I used these supplements, I slept like I did in my 20s for the first time in a long time! I didn’t wake up once in the night and felt super rested when I woke the next day. Needless to say, I’m hooked! I’ve been getting quality sleep every night since, except for the few nights I ran out in Iceland before Pasha saved the day and brought me the goods.   


So, I’ve decided to collaborate with Cured Nutrition because I really believe in what they’ve created. They have a bunch of other great supplements as well. From daytime supplements with mushrooms, adaptogens, and nootropics, to treats for your very own little fur babies! The kicker is I get to share this gift with all of you. You can get 20% off your full order with the link in my BIO on Instagram, or you can find that link in my podcast show notes


The Link will take you directly to Zen, where you can find all of their other great products. If you decide you want to try Zen after reading this, you’ll never sleep better, I promise you! When you do try it, send me a DM or email and let me know how it’s been working out for you, I would love to hear your feedback!  So far I’ve heard great responses from all of my followers and listeners that have ordered it, and that makes me really happy! You all know how much I love helping people improve their quality of life.


Last but not least, If you’re interested in learning more about why I think plants are the best thing you can put into your body and how all medicine can be found in nature, check out last week’s blog post about my first experience with Ayahuasca. Stay tuned for more topics like these from yours truly!


Xxo, Jess


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