Trusting in the Sisterhood

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Group of women enjoying the cliffs of Sedona Arizona

Sometimes all it takes is trust. Sounds simple, and yet, so many of us find this a harrowing action to take. Realities of abundance, joy, and fulfilling relationships flood our consciousness, and we can push and push to bring these to fruition. When we reach the point of finding trust - in ourselves, in others - that world opens up!

Going into the Sedona retreat with an open heart felt like the first step for Nicole. Self-love being a motivator, she was open to the experience and all it could hold for that growth, trusting the process.


“I don’t think I could've imagined everything that the retreat held, I was open and ready for whatever it was!” 


In each and every workshop, Nicole found deeper parts of herself. And as the sisterhood of goddesses grew closer, she opened up further and further, sharing her pains, letting herself take the space that she deserved and receive the support that was readily available for her. 

There was one definitive moment where everything shifted. On day 3, Jessica and Lauren facilitated an exercise in which Nicole felt a block. Speaking out her deepest fears, insecurities from her ego, and essentially everything that her inner self wanted to release, she froze in her thoughts - unable to express that which she so desperately was ready to move past.

Taking a few breaths, with her sister by her side, she thought back to a conversation with Jess that she had on the first day of the retreat - 


Don’t be afraid to take up that space.”

At that, Nicole thought, “this is my moment.”


Raising her hand confidently, she called on the support that Jess and Lauren could provide to her and her sister. From that distinct moment forward, Nicole flowered with growth. She changed her reality through trusting the process, trusting her sisters, and trusting her own intuition.

After almost a year of this consistent pursuit of growth, friendship, and self-love, Nicole is a changed person. A butterfly who was ready to fly but just needed a friend’s hand to crawl out of the cocoon. She didn’t realize that what she was missing, what she needed the most in her life, was the sisterhood of women. And at that, trusting in that sisterhood. Walking away with those realizations changed her life. 

“We’re conditioned in society or where we come from not to trust in others or other women - It all lends to that separation. If we don’t know what [a sisterhood of women] is and feels like and looks like, then we don’t know the power it holds. Then when we get that, and we have it, it’s invaluable. I’d never give it up for anything.”

Thank you for trusting in us Nicole. Thank you for confidently trusting in yourself!

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